Melissa Peebles

Marketing Communications Specialist


I am a brand storyteller and communications specialist with six years of experience in crafting compelling stories to drive conversions, engagement and brand awareness. I bring a love of language and passion for capturing an audience to my work, all of which is driven by my background in marketing, communications, and all things written.

A Washington-born native, I attended Cornell College where I received my B.A. in English with a Literature focus, as well as an emphasis on political and cultural communications. I'm currently the Communications Specialist for Ipsen, a global B2B manufacturer of industrial heat treatment systems. Whether I'm crafting an eye-catching lead or developing succinct, compelling copy, I believe in forming the perfect sentence - down to the weight and cadence of each syllable.

Overall experience includes content and social media marketing, copyediting, blogging, technical writing, and developing website copy and other marketing collateral.