Branding is all a company has. Well, that and its product. But it is the company's ability to set itself apart with the written word and graphic design that helps differentiate it from the competition. 

It is my job to convey the essence of the company by choosing each word carefully, crafting a story that captivates and intrigues the consumer. The structure of each sentence, the ebb and flow of each paragraph. They all build into a crescendo that transforms a product or company into an everyday essential – a fixture of the consumer's life. 

Whether it is a product brochure or an 'About Us' page, consistency, clarity and conviction are key to building a brand that is more than just a product. It is a way of life.

About "The Ipsen, Harold"

"A broken down pottery kiln, an engineering degree from Brown University and an entrepreneurial spirit – these were the tools need to launch Ipsen, and the rest is history." This blog was launched in July 2014. Wanting to provide informative, accurate content to those in the heat treatment industry, blog branding was essential. We decided to play off the name of the founder, Harold Ipsen, and tie in the validity of newspapers such as The Herald (with a slight spelling change, of course). This About section is meant to provide readers with insight into the blog's goals: to provide useful, pertinent content that fosters continued innovation.

Relaunch of Existing Product: TITAN Brochure

Achieve powerful performance, experience cutting-edge technology and utilize predictive maintenance capabilities in a single, compact vacuum furnace: the TITAN. The TITAN system comes complete with Ipsen's PdMetrics software platform for predictive maintenance and incorporates years of customer feedback to deliver improved, user-friendly features, all while maintaining a global platform, small footprint and short delivery times.

New Product: CompuCore Brochure

Boost your bottom line and gain a competitive edge while taking control of your equipment with the CompuCore controls software. This swift upgrade provides a cost-effective option for automating your manual system with the latest technology. In turn, these newly enhanced controls reduce the potential for human error and maximize uptime, allowing you to achieve greater efficiencies. The integration of these compact, intuitive controls with your heat-treating system helps you gain comprehensive control of all furnace functions, boost efficiencies and achieve repeatable throughput and results.