As part of email marketing, I am experienced with both Constant Contact and Pardot (marketing automation). Email campaigns have included paid emails sent by outside publications to targeted subscriber lists, as well as drip campaigns for lead nurturing and re-engagement, form submission emails, one-time custom emails, etc.

Email marketing efforts also involve developing email content, subject lines, and call-to-actions, as well as modifying email themes and layouts in HTML/CSS.

8 Ways to Save: Replacement Parts, Motor Rebuilds and More

I developed this custom marketing email, including its content and overall layout, in Pardot. I then exported it into an HTML file (with CSS styles included) where I applied additional edits to remove any formatting issues that occurred with the transition. This email was then sent out through the publication ASM International to a custom email list comprised of their subscribers. Overall, there was a total of 2,011 unique opens (13.73% open rate).

Don't Disappoint Your Vacuum Furnace This Holiday Season

Ipsen's Parts Team was offering a special promotion for their preventative maintenance kits. Since it was around the holidays, they wanted to do a fun, attention-grabbing email promotion for this limited time offer. I developed an email marketing campaign through Constant Contact that was a "Dear Santa" letter from the customer's vacuum furnace. Over the life of the campaign, there was a total unique open rate of 26.3% and a total click-to-open rate of 10% (which is at, or exceeding industry averages).