Also part of a content marketing strategy is managing and developing all editorial content. This involves working with publication contacts, creating an annual editorial calendar, planning the monthly content focus, and developing content for online and print ads. 

I also develop content to accompany annual trade shows and the corresponding marketing efforts; this involves developing ad, booth and any supplementary content (e.g., audio tour app).

ASM 2015: 2-Page Ad

Ipsen's booth at the 2015 ASM trade show was focused on showcasing future innovations (specifically, a new predictive maintenance software platform). This also happened to be the year that a new Star Wars movie was being released. Based on the target audience at the trade show, we decided to play on the nostalgia factor and incorporate Star Wars characters at the booth, futuristic tech-inspired elements, etc. The content I developed in this show ad played up the Star Wars connection while drawing the connection to Ipsen products.

Ipsen Innovation Tour: FNA 2016

For the FNA 2016 trade show, Ipsen developed an app that allowed attendees to take an audio tour of their booth. I developed all of the content for the app, including the timeline and audio tours, as well as the corresponding text for the booth. This involved researching product stories, conducting customer interviews and compiling all of the information into succinct, digestible audio clips. I then oversaw the recording of all the clips, working with outside vendors to ensure they fully captured the voice of both the customer and Ipsen.