Press releases are an important part of staying top-of-mind with both the customer and the industry as a whole.

Over three years, I have sent an average of 22 press releases per year (57% increase) with a total of 696 publication pickups (84.6% increase). These pickups occurred over 45+ different industry sites, showcasing diverse industry reach and interest. In addition, 56.5% of press release pickups from 2015-2017 have backlinks to Ipsen sites. 

*Increases are average of current three-and-a-half years (2014-2017) compared to average of previous nine years (2005-2013).

Medical Manufacturer Chooses TITAN System with Training and Full-Scale Support

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen recently shipped a TITAN H2 vacuum heat-treating system with 2-bar gas quenching to Costa Rica. There it will be used to manufacture surgical components. With its compact dimensions and superior quality, the TITAN helps companies accelerate the pace of innovation while satisfying the strict legal requirements of the Medical industry. This shipment included more than just a furnace, though. The company also utilized Ipsen's full-scale support offerings with ...

Whodunit – The Vacuum Furnace or the Pumping System?

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – When working with vacuum heat-treating systems, a number of maintenance questions can arise. One of Ipsen's most common Ask an Expert questions ( concerns finding leaks and their effect on the process and furnace. The newest post in Ipsen's Finding Leaks in Your Vacuum Furnace blog series takes a close look at how to determine whether the furnace or the pumping system is the root cause of any vacuum-related issues.

Ipsen’s TITAN Vacuum Furnace Earns Its Wings as Part of a Collaborative 3-D Printer-Furnace Package

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - As the world evolves, so does the way products travel to customers. Ipsen recently hit a new milestone, shipping their first TITAN vacuum furnace by air. This TITAN H2 with 2-bar quench was shipped to a company located near Shanghai, China as part of a collaborative 3-D printer-furnace package. This company is part of the Continuous Casting industry, and they will use the TITAN furnace to process printed steel part prototypes and assist in furthering the company's new Research & Development projects.

Ipsen Awarded U.S. Patent on a Loading System for a Large Vacuum Heat-Treating Furnace

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - Ipsen was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,662,888 B2 for the development of a new loading system. Chief Engineer Craig Moller, the named inventor on the patent, began formulating this design five years ago for use with a large vacuum heat-treating furnace, which was used by a company in the Aerospace industry With this invention, Ipsen solved one of the inherent problems associated with the design of car bottom loading systems: the need to disconnect the heating elements each time the system is used.